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Our comprehensive training library, study roadmaps, mentor access, and career toolkit equip you with the knowledge and expertise to advance in the industrywhether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned cyber security professional.


Training Classes

Comprehensive training
for all topics and all levels.


Career Paths

Personalized study roadmap based on your unique situation

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Securing Your Future

The cyber security industry is growing fast, and the need for skilled professionals has never been higher. In fact, there’s a global talent shortage.

300,000+ job openings

in the US alone

57% of companies report

a skills shortage in 2023

$100,000+ average salary

for cyber security specialists

That means a huge opportunity to jumpstart a highly-paid and dynamic career, tackling some of the world’s most interesting challenges.

Clearing Your Route
into Cyber Security

Seeking a more exciting and rewarding career in cyber security? You need…


You need training that gives you a robust foundation and builds one step at a time. Nothing skipped. All essential skills covered.

SMOOTH PROGRESSNot Sporadic Breakthroughs

You need a clear roadmap for your unique situation to make confident and consistent progress. Less trial and error. More momentum.

EXPERT TRAININGWithout College-Degree Prices

You want industry-leading training without breaking the bank. All in one place. No piecing together random courses while costs rack up.

Required Experience:

5 Zero Years in a Related Role

There is one cyber security training membership that does all of that and more

“I’m starting with zero knowledge of basic IT, but I’m eager to learn!

You need training that gives you a robust foundation and builds one step at a time. Nothing skipped. All essential skills covered”

– Sarah, StationX Student

“As a software engineer, this stuff is interesting… but it’s so complex.

I found it tough to get certain concepts down in other trainings (I hated networking classes at college!), but StationX has made the harder concepts super accessible.”

– Ali, StationX Student

“So well explained that I wasn’t overwhelmed like in other courses.

This is just what I needed. The difficulty starts off easy and gradually builds, allowing a good foundation and a smooth transition into the more difficult subjects. Perfect!”

– Robert, StationX Student

Nathan House, CEO

of the year, 2020

Hi, I'm Nathan House

I’m an industry-leading cyber security educator, with 30 years of experience teaching over 500,000 students, from beginners to industry veterans.

I’ve advised on security for some of the world’s largest companies, including BP, ExxonMobil, Vodafone, VISA, GSK, Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest, Yorkshire Bank, BT, and London 2012.

I’m also the author of the world’s most popular course on cyber security, which has been taken by over 500,000+ students in 195 countries, including staff at Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, and many other globally-recognized companies.

As CEO of StationX, my mission is simple…

Alongside my team of world-class cyber security experts and educators…

Nathan House.png

Nathan House

Leading Cyber Security Expert, CEO and Founder at StationX

Roland Costea.png

Roland Costea

Privacy & security guru. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at SAP

Brent Chapman.png

Brent Chapman

Information security engineer and best selling author

Mike Meyers.png

Mike Meyers

Best selling author, Internet personality and speaker.

Zaid Al Quraishi.png

Zaid Al Quraishi

Worlds top selling ethical hacking trainer and CEO

Lazaro Diaz.png

Lazaro Diaz

Network engineer, author teaching Cisco, CompTIA & Microsoft

Kenneth Underhill.png

Kenneth Underhill

Cybersecurity executive, host & executive producer of Cyber Life™ TV Show

Jason Dion.png

Jason Dion

Lead IT and cybersecurity

Jason Cannon.png

Jason Cannon

Unix and Linux System Engineer since 1999. Best selling author.

…our aim is to make this industry more accessible than ever before by training and mentoring the next generation of cyber security professionals—from “blank slate” beginners and career-switchers through to Lead Security Engineers and aspiring CISOs.

– introducing –

The StationX
Accelerator Program

With more than 1,000+ classes and virtual labs taught by industry experts AND a personalized study roadmap tailored to your unique goals, this annual membership is the ultimate way to master the skills businesses are looking for and achieve any cyber security goal.


Who is this program for:

COMPLETE BEGINNERSlooking to break into the industry

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALSwho want to expand their skills

PEOPLE IN RELATED ROLESwho want to level up their cyber security knowledge

Classes & Virtual Labs

Gain the skills businesses are looking for with the industry’s most comprehensive training library—for all topics and all skill levels.

CertificationsVirtual LabsEthical Hacking & Penetration TestingInformation & Cyber SecurityLinuxBlue Team & SOCCoding & DevSecOpsCloudReverse EngineeringEssential ITNetworkingDigital Forensic & Incident Response

“Huge amount of excellent information.”

– Sebastian, StationX Student

“The content is so in-depth and practical. Learned a lot!”

– Khushal, StationX Student

“I passed my CISSP exam.”

– Peter, StationX Student

Personalized Study Roadmap


A detailed questionnaire about your experience level, goals, interests, preferred working style, and personality traits. Then…


This will be your step-by-step pathway through the training, action items, certification options, and exam prep you’ll need to reach your goals.



Want to master a specific topic?
We’ll help you identify your starting point, set milestones, and provide a step-by-step plan.



Interested in a specific role?
Gain the skills, certificates, and experience employers are looking for when hiring in the real world.



Want a certain certificate?
We’ll guide you through all the skills training and prep work needed to pass your exam.

With your personal roadmap, you’ll know precisely what steps to take to achieve your cyber security goalswherever you’re starting from.

“This was exactly what I needed.”


“How often are you surprised because the service is that good?”


“Truly impressive.”



Weekly Mastermind Groups for Accountability

98% of people who try to DIY their cyber-security career eventually quit. Accountability is often the missing piece of the puzzle.

StationX Masterminds offer the flexibility of self-study AND the support and accountability of a traditional university program—without the cost of a degree.

These weekly sessions provide a steady rhythm for your learning. They’ll help keep you on track with your study plan, address any challenges quickly, and make sure you keep making progress.

The power of a motivated group can’t be understated. Your peers are there to offer support when you need it, and keep you motivated week after week as you move through your roadmap.

Get access to a private chat where you can speak with experts and mentors from StationX. Ask for guidance, personalized feedback—whatever you need to keep moving forwards.

Alongside our training resources, the StationX Masterminds are your path to the support and accountability you need to consistently execute on your study roadmap—week in and week out.

Find out what our Premium Members are saying…


Unrivaled Mentorship & Support

Get personalized advice and guidance from experienced StationX mentors whenever you need it via live chat.

Discuss classes with other students, ask the StationX teaching assistants technical questions, and network with your peers.

Join scheduled chats on specific topics, like AI, defense or hacking. Learn about and discuss the big issues in cyber-security with experts and other members.

“Excellent. 100% recommended!”


“Amazed by the Level of Mentorship of StationX”


“The mastermind groups are outstandingly motivating”


We cover every aspect of your cyber security journey
AND empower you to follow through on your goals

And that's not all…


The StationX

Matchmaker Pro Apps

Unclear on your starting goals? Join the Accelerator and get instant access to two Matchmakers that will help clarify your first steps.

Cyber Security Career Matchmaker Pro

The Career Matchmaker will diagnose the perfect position if you need help figuring out which role suits you best.

How it works

Set your sights on a role you'll excel in

Focus on the certifications that matter


Which certifications do you need? The Certification Matchmaker Pro will point you in the right direction.

How it works


The StationX

Exam Simulators

Worried about exams? Prepare for them with our state-of-the-art exam simulators


Take tests based on actual past papers and get familiar with the format of the real exam.


Get instant feedback on areas you need to improve so you can focus your study on those areas.


Test yourself as often as you need to. Keep practicing until you're ready for the real thing.

Pass the top, globally-recognized
certification exams with confidence


The StationX

Career Toolkit

You know it’s not just about the technical skills, you also need to be able to navigate the cyber security job market and stand out to potential employers.

What’s covered in the Career Toolkit?

Gaining Experience

Discover our 30 proven strategies for gaining practical experience in cyber security and learn how to make the most of internships, volunteer work, and personal projects.

AI & Future Skills

We’re here to keep you updated on the latest in AI and essential future technologies, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills you need for what’s coming next.

LinkedIn, Resumes & CVs

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, resume, and CV to showcase your skills and experience and get noticed by potential employers, even if you’re new to the industry.

Job Hunting Simplified

Get access to a curated list of top global job boards to find the best opportunities near you. Plus, we offer practical training to enhance your job search skills, helping you land your ideal position more effectively.

Job Market

Gain a detailed view of the cyber security employment landscape in your area. Including the top states and cities for cyber security jobs and the skills in high demand.

In-Demand Skills

Our continuous research pinpoints the skills and technologies most sought after by companies. This insight helps you stay a step ahead in the competitive landscape.

Interviews Skills

Master the art of the job interview, and learn how to prepare for different types of interviews, from phone screens to behavioral interviews.

Standing Out

Get insights into how to stand out from the competition, and learn how to showcase your unique personal brand to potential employers.

People Networking

Discover the power of networking, and learn how to build and maintain professional relationships to help you advance your career, with recommended resources for mastering this skill.

Skills Shortages

Identify the critical skills currently in short supply in the cyber security industry, and learn how to develop these skills to stand out even more in an already-lucrative job market.

Remote Work

Explore the growing trend of remote work in cyber security, and learn how to position yourself as a successful remote worker and how to find remote work.

Salary Negotiation

Learn how to negotiate your salary like a pro, and get practical tips on preparing for and acing salary negotiations.

Job Board and Recruiters

Access our curated list of top job boards and recruiters, and get insider tips on making the most of these platforms as you look for your first (or next) role in cyber security.

Choosing a Growth Industry

Learn about the latest trends and opportunities in the industry, and get insights into the sectors set to grow in the coming years.

Need a Degree?

Find out whether a degree is essential for the career you want in cyber security, and discover alternative pathways to success outside of academia.

Job Fairs

Get a comprehensive list of cyber security job fairs and conferences, and learn how to make the most of these events to network with employers and build your professional brand.

Freelance, Contracting, Consulting

Explore the pros and cons of different career paths, and learn how to position yourself as a successful freelancer, contractor, or consultant.


Learn how to find the suitable internships for your career goals, and get practical tips on making the most of your internship experience.

Get the Job, not just the theory

The Price of a Six-Figure
Career Pathway?

Let’s break it down…


1,000+ classes and virtual labs

$5,000 Value


Created by experts for your unique goals

$1,500 Value


Access to mentors with extensive industry experience

$2,000 Value


Engage in discussions, share resources, seek advice

$800 Value


Join live chats on topics that interest you

$500 Value


Monitor your progress, stay motivated & focus on your goals

$400 Value


Unlimited practice simulations for all main certifications

$500 Value


Resume writing, finding jobs, how to gain experience etc.

$750 Value


Find the perfect cyber security role for your personality.

$250 Value


Custom report on the right certifications and training for you.

$250 Value


Weekly meetings for accountability & support

$4,500 Value


Accelerate your results and achieve career milestones swiftly.

$2,500 Value


Chat live with experts, mentors and your mastermind group

$2,500 Value



That’s everything you need to break into and progress in an incredibly high-paying industry… But your price today is only a fraction of that total value.

You can join The StationX Accelerator Premium right now… for the monthly equivalent of
only $64/mo

Last chance to join this cohort – membership CLOSING imminently…


Step into Your Future: Select Your Plan


What’s included

Accelerator Core

$100 Saving
$167 / Yr

$67 / Yr


Monthly Equivalent $ 5.58 / Mo


Accelerator Pro

$111 Saving

$444 / Yr

$333 / Yr

$37 / Mo

Monthly Equivalent: $27 / Mo


Accelerator Premium

$397 Saving

$1,164 / Yr

$767 / Yr

$97 / Mo

Monthly Equivalent: $64 / Mo


Master's Program

Application Required


$3,000 x 3 / Mo

Single payment of $8,500

Total payment of $9,000

Accelerator Core

Limited time discount

$100 Saving

$67 / Yr


Monthly Equivalent $ 5.58 / Mo


Accelerator Pro

Limited time discount

$111 Saving

$333 / Yr

$37 / Mo

Monthly Equivalent: $27 / Mo


Accelerator Premium

Limited time discount

$397 Saving

$767 / Yr

$97 / Mo

Monthly Equivalent: $64 / Mo


Master's Program

Limited availability

Application Required


$3,000 x 3 / Mo

Single payment of $8,500

Total payment of $9,000

The StationX Guarantee

We’re committed to partnering with you to get the skills and experience you need, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give a confident “yes” to the StationX Accelerator.

Take 30 days to explore the FULL StationX experience.

And if you still don’t feel like you have the insight, clarity, and action steps needed to accelerate your cyber security career…

Simply email for an immediate refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no.

There’s a lot of free information out there. You’ll find YouTube videos, Udemy courses, blog posts, and StackOverflow answers—all helping to develop your cyber security knowledge and skills.


If you don’t know where to start…
Or if you don’t know what to learn for a particular career…
Or if you don’t know which skills are in demand…
Or if you don’t know what certificates to take…
Or how to find cyber security jobs…
Or how to get through the hiring process…

You’ll need to spend more than “free” to kickstart your new career path.

The StationX Accelerator is your comprehensive toolkit for success in cyber security, akin to a gym membership that equips you with all the essential facilities. 

Taking it a step further, the StationX Accelerator Premium not only includes everything from the Accelerator but also grants you access to live weekly mastermind groups and a suite of science-backed tools designed to boost your motivation and success. Additionally, you’ll get full access to our FastTrack Program — for those wanting rapid success in cyber security. Designed exclusively for those eager to accelerate their results and achieve career milestones swiftly. Thats not all, additionally, you’ll benefit from expert access through live chat. 

Think of the Premium membership as not just a gym membership, but also the added advantage of having both the motivation to go and a supportive team to accompany you on your journey. This premium offering is tailored to maximize your potential and success in the cyber security field and anyone who attends the masterminds has an increased 91.25% increased chance of success.

Building on our offerings, we have the exclusive StationX Master’s program, available to a limited number of applicants who successfully pass our application process. In this program, you’ll receive all the benefits of the StationX Accelerator and Accelerator Premium, plus live one-on-one classes, practical work experience, endorsements, and references. Our track record is strong – to date, every student in the Master’s program has smashed their goals. However, it’s important to note that success requires dedication, hard work, and focus, which is why we only accept the most committed applicants. Upon completion of the 12-month program, you’ll gain lifetime access to support your ongoing career development.

Others in our position might consider university programs “competition.” But formal education has its place in training the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Depending on your age and experience level, your personalized roadmap inside StationX might include recommendations for universities, and we’ll even point you toward the best ones for cyber security.

But a degree is not the end game.
It’s just one part of your journey.

And when the end goal is getting the practical skills and experience employers are looking for in the real world, there isn’t a single degree program that compares to the StationX Accelerator. (We know because we’ve researched them extensively—and even completed some of them ourselves!)

The team behind the StationX accelerator program is at the very top of the cyber security industry. Our team is certified at the highest levels and has decades of experience working hands-on in the industry with some of the largest companies in the world.

We also have experience teaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of aspiring cyber security professionals. Ask around, and you’ll find those “in the know” all turn to StationX for the best cyber security training in the industry.

We understand that the cyber security industry constantly evolves, making it challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, frameworks, and skills.

At StationX, we have a team dedicated to regularly updating our course materials to ensure they reflect the industry’s current state. We constantly re-record content, restructure our training library, and review our course offerings to ensure they are relevant and valuable to our learners.

With our training, you can be confident that you’re getting the most current and relevant education possible.

The Accelerator Program is priced  incredibly low price for the value it provides. We designed the program to be accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their income level or location. We believe this is an investment in your future career.

While we can’t discount the program any further, remember that the average cyber security specialist earns over $100,000 per year, with entry-level positions starting at around $50,000.

If you commit to the program and put in the effort, you can expect to take the next step in your career within six months. This investment in your future will pay itself back many times over if you commit to the program.

We encourage Accelerator Program students to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours per week to studying, which includes a 1-hour Mastermind call and 2 hours of independent study. However, it’s important to remember that the more time you put in, the faster you progress along your chosen path.

Ultimately, the program can be entirely self-paced, and there’s no obligation to join a weekly Mastermind group or commit to a specific amount of study time per week.

However, the entire purpose of this program is to accelerate your progress.

Everything inside the program is geared towards taking action, not just learning theory or dabbling in random topics that don’t contribute to a specific, measurable goal. That’s because we know that the biggest barrier to success in completing this kind of training is a lack of consistency.

Motivation and accountability are crucial to success. The most successful students, and the ones who have gone on to the most successful cyber security careers, are the ones who have formed consistent study habits and dedicated focused study time week in and week out to progress through their roadmap.

You don’t need any specific prior experience to join the StationX Accelerator Program.

At StationX, our training is genuinely beginner-friendly. You don’t need programming or coding skills, and you don’t need to have an exceptionally high math ability. You don’t even need experience in tech.

While the higher levels of the course library teach advanced concepts for those at the very top of the industry, the pathway to those levels is completely step-by-step and assumes no prior knowledge.

And if you do get stuck, you will have weekly check-ins with your Mastermind group and have direct access to a career mentor AND teaching assistants in the community who can get you unstuck and moving forward confidently again.

Considering the enormous range of career paths, experience levels, ability levels, and study time, it’s incredibly difficult to estimate how long it will take to reach your goals.

Some people take two months, while some might take two years.

But if you’re starting from square one and your initial goal is to break into the industry and get your first job (and you’re able to put in the consistent effort each week and keep up with your personalized study map), we usually advise that you can expect to be in your first cyber security role within 6-12 months.

But remember—MANY different factors determine how long it will take for you.

The StationX Accelerator
is Perfect For You If...

1. You’re just getting started with cyber security

You want to get it right from the start by following the most efficient, up-to-date strategies and training to break into the industry.

2. OR You’re already working in the industry and want to progress

You want to develop new skills or hone existing ones to improve your current role or progress to the next level. And you want to get there as efficiently as possible.

3. You’re committed to taking concrete action

You’re willing to put in the work to make real-world progress. You don’t want just to learn the theory; you want to get the experience, knowledge, and certifications you need.

4. You care about finding beginner-friendly training

You get frustrated when other courses or tutorials assume a level of knowledge you don’t have. You want training that people new to the topic can follow step by step.

5. You’re aware of how big the opportunities are in the industry

You know that getting into this industry will have a huge effect on your life and career. So you’re excited that the StationX Accelerator Program includes access to a student community that will give you unrivaled networking opportunities and peer support.

6. You’re excited to get your personalized study roadmap

You’re feeling optimistic, knowing that by tomorrow, you’ll have a step-by-step game plan and easy-to-follow roadmap for progressing towards your goals.

7. You feel confident joining the program with ZERO risk

It’s simple: either you explore the program and feel confident that the Accelerator will give you everything you need to progress in your career in cyber security, or you send us a quick email for an immediate refund.

If you found yourself nodding to at least 5 of the 7 points above, the StationX Accelerator Program was made for YOU!

StationX Student

“I’ve been offered a cyber security position at the Pentagon, and I owe much of my success to StationX.

I served in the military before I decided to pursue a career in cyber security, and the StationX program set me apart from my peers and gave me a competitive edge in this new career.


Now, with the skills and knowledge I gained from the StationX program, I’m thrilled to have been offered a role as a Cyber Al, Acq SME at the Pentagon.

I highly recommend StationX to anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career in cyber security!”