Vault 7 CIA Hacking Tools Breakdown – Am I at risk of being hacked?

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CIA Hacking Tools Revealed!

Wikileaks has released documents claiming that the CIA has hacking tools that can target and break into common devices such as smart phones, smart TVs and routers.

For most people who keep up to date on the clandestine work of the three letter agencies the content of these leaks will come as no surprise. These leaks only prove to confirm what many have already suspected for a long time.

These CIA hacking tools that have been exposed can be described as malware, Trojans, viruses, zero day vulnerabilities and weaponised exploits. All used by the CIA to target and gain access to common operating system like IOS, Android, Window s, MacOS and Linux.  Plus turn your smart TV into a listening device.

None of these documents can be verified yet but they make sense. These are exactly the sort of tools and techniques I would expect to see in many of the top intelligence agencies around the world. More on the video...

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  • Craig says:

    Thanks for the video summary.

  • Kevin says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Since the ease of attacking most of the devices has been known for year’s now, surely the only newsworthy content of the release is the precise attack vectors that the CIA uses (with the probable exception of our friends at Apple who thought that their defences were somewhat stronger than perhaps they should have…)?

    Personally I would be more interested in seeing the equivalent reports from Russia and China, given that they have been long known to be the true masters of the art (or should that be science).
    Kevin MSc (dist.) CISSP ISO27001-LA/LI C|EH CCSK PRINCE2 ITILv3
    PS thanks again for your online content!

  • Andrzej says:

    Thank You very much Nathan. Very informative.

    BTW thanks for your Courses, they are awesome!

  • Khalil Afridi says:

    Very Informative thanks for explanation.

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