Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities before they result in security breaches and service interruptions that will cost you money and erode the trust of your customers. Gain assurances that your defences will protect you when you need them most.

Audit & Compliance

Meet the latest security-related industry standards and avoid the costly results of non-compliance. Show prospects and clients proof of your commitment to protecting your business and keeping their information safe.

Incident Response

Recover quickly from an attack with our streamlined service that resolves your incident, minimises damage and business disruption, and prevents the future recurrence of the attack. Our team has extensive experience dealing with all types of security emergencies.


Our consultants ensure you have the appropriate cyber security solutions in place to protect your growing business. You’ll gain instant access to best practices and expert knowledge and experience to improve your risk posture.

Security Training

Improve your company’s security by providing your employees with the latest training and guidance. Available programs include Cyber Security, Executive Cyber Security, Cyber Security Awareness, and Social Engineering.

Resolve your Cyber Security Problems

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Warning there are scam HMRC SMS messages being sent to phones in the UK. I just received this message on my phone. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!This is a phishing attack. We have completed your tax review, HMRC have £262 outstanding to be paid back to you. Please

Demo of How You Can Get Hacked Surfing the Web

In this video we look at - How hackers and malware can hack you while you surf the web. - A live demonstrate of browser hacking using social engineering attacks and by exploiting vulnerabilities in your browser. - Using Kali Linux, Metasploit Framework and The

Windows 10 Spying – Find Out What Data You Give Away

In this video we explore the Windows 10 spying issues. - What data you have legally agreed to share with Microsoft.  - Windows telemetry. - What Cortana knows about you and is sharing with third parties and Microsoft. Do you feel that Windows 10 is an

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