Vulnerability Scanning

Have Your Systems Scanned

for Weaknesses

While our Penetration Testing Service is performed manually, our Vulnerability Scanning Service involves the use of our advanced, state-of-the-art scanning applications that thoroughly assesses your servers, systems, networks and business applications for weaknesses.


When the scan is completed, you will receive a report containing a list of your critical, high, moderate and low-risk vulnerabilities along with a description of each and how it can be remediated.

Our Vulnerability Scanning Service is a great way to quickly identify security weaknesses so that they can be prioritised and fixed before you experience a costly security breach or service interruption.

These types of negative events can result in significant financial loss, fines, a damaged reputation and eroded customer loyalty, not to mention lots of bad press for your company.

The 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) found that 81% of large organisations and 60% of small businesses reported a security breach.

Also reported was the increase in the severity and impact of the attacks, with the average cost rising significantly for the third consecutive year. For small organizations, the worst breaches cost between £65,000 and £115,000; for large organizations, it was between £600,000 and £1.15 million per breach.

To avoid losing a significant amount of money as well as customer loyalty, sign up for our competitively priced Vulnerability Scanning Service today.

The wise choice is to let us do a thorough vulnerability scan before some evil-intentioned black hat hackers do their own.

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