Incident Response

Fallen Victim to an Attack?

Let Us Minimise the Damage & Get Your

 Business Up & Running As Fast As Possible!


If you have fallen victim to an attack, how you respond to that attack could very well determine the fate of your business.

At Station X, our staff members have extensive experience dealing with all types of security emergencies and will work hard to ensure your company has all the information and guidance needed to minimise operational impact.

You can count on us to quickly but thoroughly investigate the incident, which includes collecting, analysing and preserving evidence. Not only will you know what to do to overcome the attack but you will know exactly what happened and why.

After the resolution, we will provide you with recommendations to avoid such incidents in the future.

If your business has been attacked or you are developing an incident response plan should an attack occur in the future, there is really only one choice – our Incident Response Service. You can count on this service to:

  • Resolve your incident quickly
  • Minimise damage
  • Minimise business disruption
  • Help you manage any communication with your customers and the media to minimise impact to the company reputation
  • Ensure you have the information and guidance to make the best business decisions going forward
  • Address existing threats and vulnerabilities and prevent future recurrence of an attack.

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