curl Cheat Sheet: Helpful Commands and Exciting Hacks

With the command-line application curl (aka cURL, short for “client URL”), you can automate batch actions such as submitting thousands of Google Forms, flooding servers with requests in penetration testing, and accessing remote files hands-free using only Unix bash scripting without additional programming languages.

This curl cheat sheet aims to provide an overview of curl for beginners and a taste of hacking with curl for cybersecurity fans like you. Download this curl cheat sheet here

Keep the Terminal program (on Unix/Linux systems, including macOS) at hand to try out the commands below, many of which yield meaningful results. When you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Refresher: What Is curl?

In computer networking, a client is a machine that asks for data or services, and a server is a machine that provides them. curl is a command-line program for clients to submit requests to servers.

curl is helpful for quickly and automatically checking responses from servers, its prime usage being curl GET and curl POST commands. As curl operates at the protocol level (HTTP/S, FTP, SCP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, etc.), you can tailor server requests and cyber attacks to complex vulnerabilities not covered by handy security tools such as Burp Suite Pro.

The more familiar you are with curl, the more finely you can adjust curl operations. This curl cheat sheet will help you get started.

Note: The live websites in the commands below work at the time of writing, but URLs and technology may change anytime.

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Web Browsing

The most straightforward use of curl is the command-line display of websites and files, which is also how most computer science students learn about curl in the first place.

curl options (aka flags) begin with a hyphen (-) or two (--), and they take arguments that are strings, URLs or file paths.

curl http://example.comReturn the source file of a URL
curl --list-only ""List contents of the directory
curl -lAbbreviation of curl --list-only
curl --location ""Redirect query as specified by HTTP status response code 3xx. This URL directory,, does not return the list of MP3 files using the curl --list-only command, but it does with curl --location.
curl -LAbbreviation of curl --location
curl --fail-early ""Fail quickly in resolving
curl --head ""Fetch HTTP headers of the URL
curl -IAbbreviation of curl --head
curl --head --show-error ""Check whether the site is down
curl --head --location "" | grep LocationExpand a shortened or disguised URL: redirects to a public YouTube playlist.
This is also helpful when you want to unearth the actual websites behind the long, convoluted, redirect-intensive email newsletter hyperlinks.

Downloading Files

The commands below come in handy when you want to scrape websites for content. The following commands return meaningful results as of writing. Change the parameters to suit your purposes.

curl --output hello.html http://example.comOutputs the URL to a file hello.html
curl -oAbbreviation of curl --output. -o only works if placed before the target URL parameter.
curl --remote-name ""Download a file from, saving the file without changing its name
curl --remote-name "" --output cryptography_notes.pdfDownload a file from and rename it to cryptography_notes.pdf
Alternatively, you may replace --output with >. Replacing --output with -o does not work here.
curl --remote-name --continue-at - ""Continue a partial download of a file
curl "{Linux,Windows,OSX}" --output "file_#1.html"Download files from multiple locations and name them according to the format file_(operating system).html
curl "[158-161]/[158-161]-0.{txt,zip}" --output "bk#1_#2.#3"Download a sequence of files and outputs bk158_158.txt,, …,
curl --location | grep '.mp4' | cut -d \" -f 8 | while read i; do curl"${i}" -o "${i##*/}"; doneDownload all MP4 files from the URL
Here, use grep to filter out the MP4 files, cut to find the path to the required files (the delimiter is " and the path string was at the 8th such delimiter), 
A while-loop with curl helps download the files recursively.
You’ll need to modify the grep and cut commands to download other file types and locate relevant hyperlinks in the HTML source code of the URL you specify.

curl GET Commands

Use these commands to make a GET request using curl. curl GET commands may require you to pass authorization keys via the --header flag.

You can also make other HTTP requests such as PUT and DELETE using curl and the appropriate flags. 

curl --request GET ""Fetch the HTML source of the URL and output it in the terminal console
curl -XAbbreviation of curl --request
curl --request GET '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json'Get all MongoDB documents from the viewdata-kqgls app with the given secret string and content type header as query parameters.
The expected result is a JSON object containing all documents.
(The URL is a custom API endpoint I made on MongoDB.)
curl --request GET '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json'Get a MongoDB document from the viewdata-kqgls app with the given ID, secret string, and content type header as query parameters.
The expected result is the document, if it exists:{"_id":"636b5046e54ce11139fd8b96","name":"Alice Bob","age":25,"greeting":"Greetings, everyone."}

curl POST Commands

Use these commands to make a POST request using curl. curl POST commands may require the --header flag to pass authorization keys.

You can also make other HTTP requests such as PUT and DELETE using curl and the appropriate flags.

curl --headerPass a header to the server URL
curl -HAbbreviation of curl --header
curl --request POST "" -d 'some data'Fetch the HTML source of the URL
curl -XAbbreviation of curl --request
curl --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'api-key: ZAEOuvuEVLF5ll3kGP8FFkAj1GMKB8xu1jRx5D7210gXiZHa5agdbSq8pzbpI8Lo' --data-raw '{"dataSource": "Cluster0","database": "curlhacks","collection": "curlhacks","document": { "name": "Alice Bob", "age": 25, "greeting": "Greetings, everyone." }}'Upload via the MongoDB Data API the given Javascript object to a database and collection both named curlhacks.
The expected output:{"insertedId":"636b5046e54ce11139fd8b96"}
This means curlhacks has registered the new Javascript object as a MongoDB document with the given ID.
curl --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'api-key: ZAEOuvuEVLF5ll3kGP8FFkAj1GMKB8xu1jRx5D7210gXiZHa5agdbSq8pzbpI8Lo' --data-raw '{"dataSource": "Cluster0","database": "curlhacks","collection": "curlhacks","filter": { "name": "Alice Bob" }}'Enquire via the MongoDB Data API the database and collection, both named curlhacks, for a document with the key-value pair {"name": "Alice Bob"}.
The expected output is the requested document:{"document":{"_id":"636b5046e54ce11139fd8b96","name":"Alice Bob","age":25,"greeting":"Greetings, everyone."}}
curl --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'api-key: ZAEOuvuEVLF5ll3kGP8FFkAj1GMKB8xu1jRx5D7210gXiZHa5agdbSq8pzbpI8Lo' --data-raw '{"dataSource": "Cluster0","database": "curlhacks","collection": "curlhacks","filter": { "_id": { "$oid": "636b4f88fd82bd55d90962c6" } }}'Delete via the MongoDB Data API a document with the given ID from the database and collection, both named curlhacks.
The expected output:{"deletedCount":1}
This means curlhacks has deleted a MongoDB document, namely the one specified.

API Interaction

The following commands can help you automate web query requests, such as Google Form submissions. The examples below are chock-full of Google Form URLs because of a real-life hack so egregious the full source code must remain private.

I wanted a news organization to win an award so badly, I generated 12,000+ submissions to the award nomination Google Form over two months using temporary email addresses and mix-and-match reasons. I was sad the media company didn’t win, but if it did, it’d face the conundrum of having reported on voting fraud yet having voting fraud seal its victory.

Identifying the various fields in the award submission Google Form - screenshot by author

Identifying the various fields in the award submission Google Form

Example of a Google Form URL which I could have submitted through curl, blanking out the Google Form ID and identifying information about the news company.

cURL Command Generator

Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to remember the exact syntax for your curl commands! With our curl Command Generator, you can simply say what you need curl to do, and we will generate the command for you.

Go to curl GET and curl POST commands for GET- and POST-specific API interactions using curl.

curl ""Query an API endpoint
curl --header "Auth-Token:$DB_APP_TOKEN" ""Pass a header to a server URL. A header is ​​a field of an HTTP request or response that passes additional context and metadata about the request or response.
In this example, the header is an authorization token.
curl -HAbbreviation of curl --header
curl --data "ABC 123" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse"Send URL-encoded raw data "ABC 123" to an API endpoint, in this case a Google Form.
curl -dAbbreviation of curl --data
curl --data "ABC 123" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse" > output.htmlSend URL-encoded raw data "ABC 123" to an API endpoint, in this case a Google Form, and output to output.html data returned from the server
curl --form "" --form "submit=Submit" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse" > output.htmlEmulate sending an email address to an API endpoint (Google Form here) followed by pressing the Submit button.
The output file, output.html, will have a filled email address field.
curl -FAbbreviation of curl --form
curl --form "entry.123456789=</Users/user1/Downloads/playlist.m3u" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse" > output.htmlSend to an API endpoint (Google Form here) the file contents of /Users/user1/Downloads/playlist.m3u to the parameter entry.123456789.
The symbol < here means you’re sending data to the server, as opposed to > for data you receive from the server.
You can find the parameters of the form entry.123456789 (the number may not be nine digits long) using your browser’s Inspector.
On Chrome-based browsers, right-click the page and select “Inspect” to see the Inspector.
The output file, output.html, will show the file contents in the corresponding field.
curl --form "entry.123456789=</Users/user1/Downloads/playlist.m3u" --form "" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse"Send more than one piece of data to the given API endpoint.
This command sends over the email and playlist file specified.
The output for this command will be in the terminal.
curl --data "entry.123456789=</Users/user1/Downloads/playlist.m3u&" "[GoogleFormID]/formResponse"Similarly as above, send more than one piece of data to the given API endpoint.
This command sends over the email and the raw data string"</Users/user1/Downloads/playlist.m3u".
The output for this command will be in the terminal.
curl --form "input=@pic1.jpg" "" > output.html
curl --form "input=/Users/user1/Downloads/pic1.jpg" "" > output.html
Send a file /Users/user1/Downloads/pic1.jpg as form data to the given API endpoint.
Both commands are equivalent. They send an image file to
- Use @ if the file is in the current working directory (obtained via pwd);
- Don’t use @ if you provide the full directory path of the file.
The output file, output.html, will show the image-resizing options returned by the API.


It appears that the sole action of sending cookies to the target website doesn’t affect the HTML layout of the website. Nevertheless, curl supports the following methods:

curl --cookie "registered=yes"Send "registered=yes" as cookie
curl --cookie "name=alice;"Send "name=alice" and "" as cookies
curl --cookie import_cookies.txtSend the contents of import_cookies.txt as cookie(s).
As most browsers no longer support the “Set-Cookie:” prefix, format your cookies in the file as:
curl -bAbbreviation of --cookie
curl --cookie-jar mycookies.txtWrite cookies to mycookies.txt after executing the curl operation on other flags
curl -cAbbreviation of --cookie-jar
curl --dump-header headers_and_cookies.txt http://example.comOutput HTTP headers and cookie data of to headers_and_cookies.txt
curl -DAbbreviation of curl --dump-header

curl Script

You can use curl commands in bash scripts. Here are some example scripts involving curl commands:

curl-install-package.shInstall packages with curl
curl-url-time.shCheck a website response time
curl-format-json.shBeautify json output for curl response
curl-remote-scripts.shcurl run remote scripts

curl Advanced

Here are some commands for fine-tuning your curl operations.

curl -hShow help commands
curl --versionShow curl version
curl -v verbose output while connecting to the URL
You may use this -v flag along with other flags such as --head, --location.
curl --trace ftp_corel.txt details of the packets captured in the connection to the URL
curl -s > twitter.htmlDownload the URL in silent mode, not outputting the progress
curl -L "" --connect-timeout 0.1Specify the maximum time in seconds (0.1 seconds in this example) allowed to connect to the URL
curl -s -w '%{remote_ip} %{time_total} %{http_code} \n' -o /dev/null http://an­kush.ioReturn the specified parameter values as a string '%{remote_ip} %{time_total} %{http_code} \n' on the terminal output and suppress all other system output
curl -r 0-99 http://example.comGet the first 100 bytes of the URL
curl -r -500 http://example.comGet the last 500 bytes of the URL
curl -r 0-99 ftp://ftp.corel.comGet the first 100 bytes of an FTP URL. curl only supports ranges with explicit start and end positions.
curl -m 0.1Specify maximum operation time in seconds (0.1s here)

curl Request Example

Let’s conclude this article with a curl POST request hack. Proceed at your own risk.

CommandDescriptionTest Result
curl -X POST --data-urlencode phone='+[area code][phone number]' --data-urlencode message='Please delete this message. This is a service provided by textbelt.' -d key=textbeltSend a free SMS text message to a phone number in E.164 format via with the API key textbelt.
If you have a custom API key, replace “textbelt” with it.
On the terminal:{"success":true,"textId":"205381667028627395","quotaRemaining":0}
On the phone:
textbelt free SMS - screenshot by author

We hope this curl cheat sheet helps you to explore curl and its uses. Happy curl hacking!

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