Love Letter (ILOVEYOU) Virus Fix – DIVORCE

This is here for nostalgia only. Do you remember the Love Letter virus? Most people do. It was the very first outlook virus that propagated by sending emails to your contacts list. Many copy cat viruses have followed it. We wrote this quick fix to the virus 2 hours after the virus hit the Internet and it proved to be the first available fix. The virus companies were a litter slower back in 2000. We comically named the fix divorce and it even got a mention on the BBC news at 10.


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  • Nathan House

    Nathan House is the founder and CEO of StationX. He has over 25 years of experience in cyber security, where he has advised some of the largest companies in the world. Nathan is the author of the popular "The Complete Cyber Security Course", which has been taken by over half a million students in 195 countries. He is the winner of the AI "Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020" award and finalist for Influencer of the year 2022.