15 Top Cyber Security Experts You Need to Follow

Top Cyber Security Experts

When it comes to cyber security, thousands of professionals and pseudo-professionals claim to have all the answers. 

Cyber security information changes rapidly, so it’s vital to get your information from authoritative sources to stay up to date. 

Through our many years in the cyber security industry, we’ve been able to comb through a wealth of information provided by cyber security experts. We’ve attended conferences, collaborated with professionals in the field, and consumed computer security information from a myriad of sources. 

Through our odyssey, we’ve found 15 top cyber security experts who, time and time again, offer astute advice and information in their area of expertise. 

If you’re ready, then read on. 

Government and Policy Cyber Security Experts

Government and policy experts are major players in cyber security. 

While they may not be as active on social media, these are the movers and shakers of the computer security industry, especially when it comes to protecting federal infrastructure and designing regulations.

1. Jen Easterly

Social Media Accounts:

Jen Easterly

Jen Easterly is the highest-ranking government cyber security official in the United States. 

As the Director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) she is tasked with defending the US’s critical infrastructure both in the private and public sectors. 

Immediately prior to her role as director of CISA, she headed the Firm Resilience division at Morgan Stanley where she defended against and helped respond to disruptions to critical company infrastructure. 

She also served in the Army and as President Obama’s Special Assistant as she advised him on all things related to cyber security. 

Easterly wields great power and can use it to create regulations, shape policy, and cyber security operations. Consuming the content she produces and being aware of what she’s up to will keep you abreast of the latest cyber security happenings as they relate to policy and regulations.

2. Chris Krebs

Social Media Accounts:

Chris Krebs

Chris Krebs was the first director of CISA. 

Krebs was famously fired by then President Donald Trump after he stated that there “is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” It was this statement that Krebs said ultimately led to his firing. 

Krebs is currently the Chief Intelligence and Public Policy officer at the cyber security company SentinelOne. 

With unique insight into the inner workings of the public and private IT sectors, Krebs is never shy about voicing his opinion in private or on X. Krebs consistently posts on a range of cyber security and IT-related subjects but also won’t hesitate to post a meme or two.

Cyber Security Educators and Content Creators

While those with government backgrounds might be hesitant to produce content, educators and content creators are endless wells of information. 

3. Nathan House

Social Media Accounts:

Nathan House

Nathan House is StaionX’s founder, CEO, and one of its many instructors. 

StationX is a leading cyber security training and career development platform that helps those new to cyber security and seasoned professionals alike grow and develop new tech skills. 

He has advised some of the world’s largest companies and trained employees of major tech corporations such as Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, and Thales. In 2020, he was awarded the Cyber Security Educator of the Year award and was shortlisted for Cyber Security Influencer of the Year in 2022. 

House is always churning out new content for cyber security students, whether it comes in the form of blog posts, courses, newsletters, videos, or X posts.

Click the image below to see Nathan's Cyber Security Career Workshop.

Nathan House

4. Alexis Ahmed

Social Media Accounts:

Alexis Ahmed

Alexis Ahmed is a penetrationtester, security researcher, and prolific content creator. 

In 2017, he founded HackerSploit, a cyber security training company that specializes in ethical hacking, red teaming, and cloud security. His top-rated courses, The Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, The Complete Penetration Testing Bootcamp, and Nmap For Penetration Testing, and available on StationX. 

Ahmed provides high-quality penetration testing content and cyber security news through his courses and on his YouTube and social media accounts. Ahmed is also a frequent speaker at cyber security and infosec conferences, including DEF CON

Whether you are looking for penetration testing techniques, the latest news, or infosec memes, Ahmed is a must-follow.


5. Loi Liang Yang 

Social Media Accounts:

Loi Liang Yang

While Network Chuck can cover general security topics, Loi Liang Yang specializes in cyber security and ethical hacking. 

If you already have a general understanding of computer security, IT, and networking and want to really get your hands dirty with some how-to-style ethical hacking videos, you need to check out Liang Yang. 

As evidenced by his work with IBM and Amazon as well as his innumerable certifications, Liang Yang has demonstrated his prowess as a bonafide source of ethical hacking information. 

When you’re a beginner, it’s easy to be misled by low-quality YouTube tutorials. Through his videos and background, Liang Yang demonstrates that he’s the real deal. 

Cyber Security Journalists 

The people keeping us most up to date with what’s happening in the cyber security realm aren’t those on the front lines, but rather journalists. Read their articles, books, and subscribe to their newsletter and socials to stay in the loop. 

6. Brian Krebs

Social Media Accounts:

Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs (no relation to Chris Krebs) is the foremost cyber security journalist. 

After a Chinese cybergang hacked his home network, Brian Krebs became engrossed in the world of cyber security. 

Since then, he has reported for the Washington Post and as an independent journalist exclusively covering the criminal underbelly of cyber security. Most of Krebs’s pieces can be found on his website, KrebsonSecurity.com where he provides in-depth explanations on the most recent cybercrimes and schemes. 

Becoming a religious follower of Brian Krebs is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the newest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) used by cybercriminals.

7. Andy Greenberg

Social Media Accounts:

Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg is a senior writer for WIRED and covers cyber security, surveillance, and criminal organizations. 

He’s written a number of must-reads including Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and Tracers in the Dark. Greenberg writes about complicated and breaking stories in a compelling and easily digestible way that even non-cyber security professionals will understand and enjoy. 

Few have a more vivid panoramic view of the goings-on of the cyber world than Greenberg. Read his content to be one of the most informed people in the room.

8. Graham Cluley

Social Media Accounts:

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley was in the computer security game before the term cyber security was even coined. 

Getting his start as a programmer creating the first ever Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows, Cluley went on to work for McAfee as a technical manager and later as the head of communication for Sophos. 

More recently, he’s worked as a researcher, blogger, and guest speaker on TV and podcasts, and collaborates with law enforcement agencies on investigations into hacking groups. He was also inducted into the InfoSecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2011.

Cluley blends his extensive hands-on knowledge and skill with his ability to communicate with non-cyber security professionals to educate and keep all parties—regardless of their technical acumen—up to date with the latest happenings in the wide world of cyber security. He’s a prolific publisher of new content, as evidenced by his website.

Cyber Security Executives and Entrepreneurs

These are the most powerful people in the cyber security community. They create the tools you use to secure your digital assets, shape policy, and have the power to move an entire industry. 

9. Bret Arsenault

Social Media Accounts:

Bret Arsenault

Bret Arsenault is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Microsoft, one of the most powerful IT companies on the planet. 

Arsenault has been with Microsoft for 34 years and has played a pivotal role in protecting proprietary information and internal systems, as well as creating secure products for hundreds of millions of clients worldwide. 

Since Microsoft’s OS market share is 73% for desktop and laptop computers in the US, Arsenault’s influence will play a role in protecting your data and your company’s. Being aware of his thoughts, prognostications, and advice will help you better protect your data.

10. Eugene Kaspersky

Social Media Accounts:

Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky is the founder and CEO of Kaspersky, the Russian cyber security company. 

Kaspersky’s origin story begins when his computer was infected with the Cascade virus back in the late 1980s. Annoyed yet fascinated with the virus, he developed a program to remove it from his computer. 

This experience led him to find and develop software to remove viruses as a hobby. Ultimately he leveraged his passion and skills to found his company, Kaspersky.

Eugene Kaspersky has played a hand in discovering and investigating notorious malware such as Stuxnet, the Flame virus, and other forms of malware often deployed by governments. 

Kaspersky is a contentious figure, dividing opinions due to having attended a KGB school in his youth. 

He’s been accused, although largely without evidence, of working with the Russian government to spy on foreign governments. Despite this, he’s still a leading voice in the cyber security community and one of the industry's most popular movers and shakers.

11. Robert M. Lee

Social Media Accounts:

Robert M. Lee

Robert M. Lee wears many hats. 

He’s the co-founder and CEO of Dragos, course creator for SANS, author, and NSA and USAF veteran, and in early February Lee testified to the US Senate regarding industrial cyber security. 

Dragos, the company Lee founded, primarily focuses on protecting operational technology security and crucial infrastructure that is often overlooked and misunderstood. 

A cyber attack on power grids, oil pipelines, or water utilities would potentially disrupt the lives of millions. Lee and his company are at the forefront of making sure major disruptions like this never happen.

Cyber Security Researchers and Academics

Few take the time to really understand how viruses, cybercrime, and government-funded cyber espionage really work. These researchers and academics illuminate areas of cyber security that otherwise would be esoteric and widely misunderstood.

12. Katie Moussouris

Social Media Accounts:

Katie Moussouris

Katie Moussouris is the founder and CEO of Luta Security, a cyber security company that creates and manages bug bounty programs. 

She got her start in bug bounty programs after teaming up with the Department of Defence to create the pilot federal government bug bounty program called “Hack the Pentagon.” 

Her work researching and advocating for more online security has led her to became a valued name in cyber security, so much so that she’s been called in by the US Senate and House committees to discuss security research and how to improve the security of software supply chains. 

Moussouris is on the front lines of understanding new TTPs, malware, and helping companies harden their systems.

13. Mikko Hypponen

Social Media Accounts:

Mikko Hypponen

Mikko Hypponen is the Chief Research Officer at WithSecure and the Principal Research Advisor at F-Secure. 

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, and Scientific American. He was recently selected by PC World Magazine as one of the fifty most important people on the web. 

Hypponen has received plaudits over the years for his various achievements in the cyber field. He was crucial in defeating various worms such as Blaster and Sobig Computer and produced a 2011 documentary where he tracked down and interviewed the creators of Brain, the first PC virus. 

Those in the cyber security community see him as a lodestar, looking to him to keep them aware of the latest developments but also to help them understand where the cyber security industry is headed.

14. Keren Elazari

Social Media Accounts:

Keren Elazari

Chances are you’ve already seen Keren Elazari’s face, whether it be from a talk she gave at DEFCON, a TED talk, or at an RSA Conference. 

Elazari is first and foremost a cyber security researcher and security consultant. However, Elazari realized that the best way to ensure everyone is protected is to vigorously share that information with the world. 

This has led her to become a prolific public speaker as well as a writer, and her work can be found in WIRED, the Financial Times, and Scientific American among other publications. 

She primarily researches and educates others on digital security trends and issues and the intersection of politics and cyber security. While sometimes cyber security topics can be esoteric and difficult to articulate, Elazari has refined her ability to inform laymen in a way that is easy to grasp and entertaining.

Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers

Ethical hackers and penetration testers have the technical knowledge to intimately understand black hats and cybercriminals. Their insight is needed to effectively defend against the most persistent and invasive attacks. 

15. Paul Asadoorian

Social Media Accounts:

Paul Asadoorian

Paul Asadoorian made a name for himself as a penetration tester before founding Security Weekly Productions. 

It’s through this medium that he hosts a weekly podcast where he talks about the latest in information security and hacking. 

Before founding Security Weekly Productions, Asadoorian worked as a Product Strategist and evangelist for Tenable. He later went on to become the Chief Innovation Officer at CyberRisk Alliance.

Conclusion: Top Cyber Security Experts

You don’t have time to consume all the information about cyber security that pops up on your feed. 

Optimize the way you consume industry information by following and staying up to date with the aforementioned cyber security experts. 

Doing so will make you more knowledgeable, better equipped to help your company defend against computer security threats, and a better prospect when it comes to job searching. 

You can read all you want about the latest happening in the world of cyber security, but if you don’t have hands-on skills to pair with this knowledge you won’t be able to make the impact you want. 

Join the StationX Accelerator Program to gain access to over 1,000 labs and courses. Here you can learn the technical skills you need to become a more effective cyber security professional. 

The Accelerator Program also pairs you with a mentor, offers career advice and a personalized study roadmap, and invites you to become part of a supportive and informative community comprised of other cyber security professionals.  

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