Warning there are scam HMRC SMS messages being sent to phones in the UK. I just received this message on my phone. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!

This is a phishing attack.

We have completed your tax review, HMRC have £262 outstanding to be paid back to you. Please use the secure link to process your refund. http://xxxx.com

Which will lead you to this fake but very convincing page.

This is a hacked site owned by this unfortunate company.

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  • Nathan House

    Nathan House is the founder and CEO of StationX. He has over 25 years of experience in cyber security, where he has advised some of the largest companies in the world. Nathan is the author of the popular "The Complete Cyber Security Course", which has been taken by over half a million students in 195 countries. He is the winner of the AI "Cyber Security Educator of the Year 2020" award and finalist for Influencer of the year 2022.

  • Hardworkerwhosfedupwithgivinghisdoshtolegalthieves says:

    Just woke up to a text similar to the one you’re displaying above these people make you laugh hmrc doesn’t have my number and as I’m aware tax refunds were always sent through the post never have I had a genuine hmrc contact via mobile this scam could only work on those who don’t possess a brain

  • Kevin says:

    Got one of these this morning and was immediately suspicious so i checked the web links address and its got .ru as the country code…. Russian… Lol nice try..

  • Simon says:

    A friend of mine completed this form but when it got to the online banking he stopped what should he do I informed him that this was fake he he is scared of identity theft ect

    • Nathan House Nathan House says:

      Sorry to hear that. Depending on what information he gave away it will be used to attempt fraud. Where he can he wants to set up alerts on his accounts. Also get educated. Do our courses which cover how to mitigate this in detail which is what you need.

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