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Google Dork Maker

Creating the right Google dork to find information not readily available on the web isn’t always straightforward. If you misplace one character or use the wrong keyword, you could end up with a screen full of useless information. 

The Google Dork Maker simplifies the process by providing you with the dork query you need to find the information you’re looking for. Simply tell the Google dork generator what you want the dork to do, and it will take care of the rest. 

Become a master of reconnaissance by learning more about how to use the Google Dork Maker and how you can leverage Google dorks to find indexed information that isn’t otherwise easily found.

Google Dorking Maker:

Remembering the correct Google Dork syntax to create the perfect Google dork can be difficult.  This Google dork maker takes away that hassle. Simply type in what you want the dork to do, and this generator will provide you with the correct command.

How Do I Use This Google Dork Maker?

This Google dork generator is the magic genie of the dork generation. 

Type in the information you wish to find, and voila, our dork maker will generate a custom dork. 

Let’s say you had a hunch that valuable information could be found on PDF files that a site you want to hack had unwittingly published to the web. To find those files, you could tell our generator to “find pdf file types on,” and it would return the following: filetype:pdf"

With the right Google dork query, you can find just about anything indexed by Google. To do so, play around with the information you supply to the generator. Don’t be afraid to provide it with specific requests, such as, “get links to publicly shared Zoom meetings that I can access,” which would return the following dork: intext:scheduled

The best way to use the generator is to tell it what you want to find and specify the website on which you want to find it.

What Are Google Dorks?

A Google dork is a search query used in the popular Google search engine that uses advanced search operators to discover information via Google that is otherwise difficult to find. 

By typing “publicly available Zoom conferences I can access,” Google won’t return the results you’re looking for. To find such information, you need to use a unique combination of keywords and operators—in other words, a dork. 

You can think of Google dorking as a way to hack Google. A custom Google dork won’t allow you to manipulate search rankings or change anything on Google’s backend, but it will allow you to more easily find information that Google has indexed and made publicly available, albeit difficult to find. 

Why Should I Use Google Dorks?

Google hacking is a popular passive OSINT method used for reconnaissance purposes. Google has indexed a wealth of sensitive information that hackers can use to find a way into their target’s systems. 

Should hackers know how to comb through this ocean of data effectively, they can find sensitive information and leverage it to learn about victims and access their systems. 

It’s important that ethical hackers familiarize themselves with hackers’ preferred tools. Google dorking a client’s company will reveal sensitive information that the company can better secure. Google dorks is a vital OSINT tool that every competent penetration tester should have in their toolkit.  

What Are the Most Useful Google Dorks

This depends on what information you’re trying to find. This is no single Google hack that functions as a skeleton key, gathering all the information you could possibly want with one query. 

Instead, you’ll have to rely on an array of custom dorks to find the information you want. Sometimes, you’ll have to use dozens of dorks before finding the nugget of information you were looking for. 

To begin dorking, we recommend using some of the following queries. Exploit database also offers a comprehensive Google hacking database on their website

Google Dorking Commands


The Google dork generator makes your life easier by creating dorks for you. Instead of having to learn the syntax, keywords, and operators necessary to write a dork, simply type in what you want to find, and the generator will do the rest. 

Now you only need to decide which information to search for that will help you access your targets’ systems. 

Google hacking is just one form of open-source intelligence. To learn other ways to find sensitive publicly available information for penetrating testing purposes, check out the OSINT courses below. 

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