The Student Hustler Book *Recommended Buy*

​As many of ​you are students I wanted to ​recommend ​​this great new book:
‘The Student Hustler’

This book takes the reader through a journey of advice, guidance and anecdotes from the author (aka the Student Hustler) covering creative ways to make extra money as a student, and how to set oneself up for future success. Although designed primarily to help students, the content can be used and applied by anyone, and no doubt you’ll find it a good, valuable and intriguing read in any case.





P.S. I don’t make money from the book! Just a recommendation.

  • Mawutor says:

    Nathan I have a suggestion. how do I reach you?

  • Mateusz Hyla says:

    Extra money, always good. Thanks for recommendation 🙂 .

  • Chris Daniels says:

    Interesting. I’m on Disability, another group that can use extra cash, especially when attempts at returning to regular work have been disastrous. The one thing I fear is that the main recommendation is to write a short book and publish it for Amazon sales! 😉

  • rodrigo says:

    Thanks againreally appreciate your update?

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