Cyber Security Career Talk With Nathan House – Secure Talk Podcast

Listen (above) to my interview on the Secure Talk podcast where I discuss career advice for aspiring and existing cyber security professionals. Talk about security education, share my thoughts on the industry, credentials, certifications, advanced degrees, and the changing threat landscape.


  • Mamatha says:

    Great To hear about your career & 31 degrees Nathan . I am going to complete my total 4 courses with your support . Thanks for helping people like Me .

  • Steven Alexander says:

    I have been focused and enjoy defeating the “bad-guy” for the last 22 years (on behalf of my customers) in my own IT Support business. Malware and more recently black-hat hackers. Always on the prowl for a more formal learning experience in Infosec and Internet security, I found a link directing me to Nathan House’s great course for which I am grateful to have found. Thanks for sharing your extensive experience and fantastic knowledge in this area.

  • Osama Shenoda says:

    The complete cyber security course was the only course I have ever enjoyed online , Nathan has passionate and interesting way to deliver boring security stuff 🙂

  • Nick says:

    Excellent interview Nathan. Does this still apply to the ‘not so young’ as myself?

  • Hemant says:

    it is really nice topic covered. like me new joiner will motivate.

  • lucky says:

    I’m excited to learn from Nathan House as soon as my mastercard activate….

  • Jonathan says:

    taking the mesh off the faces those who need freedom is fun.

    Nathan, thank you soo much.

  • Inn says:

    Whaouuuuhhhh I just finished all 4 levels of Cyber Security .Amazing !!!
    Thank you to Nathan and his parents …

  • Mary says:

    I want to become a professional like yourself and I know by God’s grace and the help from a professional like you I shall get there.

  • Lina says:

    I absolutely love and recommend Station X.
    Fantastic Courses and Mr House simply AMAZING.
    Thank you Mr House & I am a super proud member. 🙂

  • Lazarus says:

    Hello Mr. HOUSE. Your school is what I have been looking for.
    Every day, I wake up with new technics, and I feel like going back to
    old school.

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